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Pink party theme

It’s true what they say about Spanish people: they love a good party. You won’t find me dancing on tables until 4 in the morning (I’m a mother of one-year-old daughter, which means I’m too attached to my limited hours of sleep), but I’m always up for family brunch on Sunday, thrive when I get to organize a cozy dinner amongst friends and am already looking forward to my daughter’s first real kid’s party. Not necessarily because I like to entertain toddlers, but because I enjoy thinking out different party concepts and dressing the table accordingly.

So when Roomin asked me to style Ethnicraft’s oak Bok dining table with table decorations by Pomax, it was only reasonable I did a little happy dance!

By now, you all know I love to wear black and that my attitude towards interiors is that they become more interesting with a touch of colour. But I don’t think I told you about my obsession with white, have I? I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but white is a great base to start any interior- related project with. It’s sober, ‘passe-partout’ and combines well with anything, really. That’s why I always choose a white base first, to gradually add a few more colours along the way.

It’s also safe to say that white and pink are a match made in colour heaven. Before the whole millennial pink craze commenced, I already painted a few corners in our home in a blush pink shade. (Très trendsetting, non?) I’ll always love this serene palette, even when the trend will be on its return (which is already happening – trust my words when I say this brick orange will be in season soon!) Pink brightens up white, and adds a cheerful touch to this party setting, as I imagined it to be an afternoon summer party (preferably with summery weather!)

Preparing a party is also the perfect activity to get your children involved and accustomed to daily chores. I like my daughter to help me with ordinary tasks as putting plates on the table, preparing the dessert, decorate the napkins… It always takes longer when Olivia helps, but it’s great to share that exciting feeling of anticipating a party, integrate her into every aspect of the happening and make her feel ‘part of the team’. (Gosh, I do sound like a Montessori- teacher now, do I?)

I’d like to finish my story with a little trick: when the table is too pretty to cover up with a table cloth, but you still want to prevent any spills leading to – the horror – stains; try using table runners instead. Also, see what I did with the table runners and placemats? By placing them vertically instead of horizontally, the overall styling looks so sophisticated! I’m always amazed by how a few minor twists and tweaks can have such a grand effect!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Interior inspiration by Ethnicraft and Pomax.
Photography by Laura Willems.