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Reasons to have breakfast

I must confess: I don’t do breakfast on workdays. I know it’s a really bad habit, especially considering that it's the most important meal of the day.  However, when I do manage to eat breakfast or brunch, damn you’re right I’ll go all the way!

When time is on my side, I love to make breakfast or brunch a real quality time moment, which is mostly on weekends or holidays. Waking up slowly and not too late (call me weird, but I take pleasure in being awake before anyone else), enjoying the silence and setting the table are such blissful domestic activities to me. In a life where everything seems to go harder, better, faster and stronger, living on the rhythm of your own life can be such an exquisite pleasure.

Having breakfast or brunch is also the perfect excuse to spend some attention to the table styling. Usually, I embrace ‘coziness meets minimalism’ and don’t try anything too fancy. It’s all about the food and the people around my table, not the table itself. But I do, however, have a few tips for those who like to spice things up a little, without spending a fortune or too many of your precious time on it!

Ditch the packaging

My first tip would be to always open up the food packaging and put the food on some beautiful plates, like the ones from Pomax shown in the pictures. Also: marble trays are a great all-rounder; your cheese will never look as classy. Another easy trick is to pour your water and fruit juices in a beautiful glass bottle or carafe. You’ll be surprised of how chic everything will look!

Keep it simple

I like to create a warm welcoming atmosphere by lighting some candles (if you read my last article, you’ll know I have some pyromaniac tendencies…) Please don’t place a kitchen roll on your table, but use cotton napkins instead; they’re great to add some texture! Napkins can look quite messy and strange on a round table (this one's by Ethnicraft), as people often don’t know how to fold them or where to lay them… My advice? Keep it simple! I just folded mines into a triangle and used them as placemats, and simply put the smaller ones on the plates itself.

The power of greenery

Because the overall look of my table styling looks quite natural, I could make the bouquet stand out! Summer’s finally here, and there's a grand selection available in the flower shops, so I’m able to let my inner flower child completely go wild nowadays! Arranging flowers is one of my favourite activities to do, so of course the bouquet had to be the eyecatcher of the table. But even if you don’t suffer from a major flower addiction like me, a simple bouquet with tulips or roses from supermarket will do too. Greenery adds life to the table! Even a simple eucalyptus branch on your napkin can work wonders, believe me.

How do you like my simple but slightly dramatic table styling? I already tried to re-create it at home! Because who knows… When having such a set-up at home, I might succumb to eat breakfast on workdays! I'll try to work on that bad habit, pinky promise!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Interior inspiration by Ethnicraft and Pomax.
Photography by Laura Willems.