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Stephanie Duval's night time rituals

Like so many people, I am guilty of not winding down the day in a way that is appropriate to prepare for sleep. I’m aware that I shouldn’t be staring at my smartphone until I close my eyes, but knowing that is one thing, and breaking bad habits is an entirely different issue!

I do my best though, to create some healthier and more relaxing rituals that get my mind and body in the right state for sleep. After all, life with a toddler and a business to run is hard enough with a good night’s rest – I really can’t miss too many hours of sleep. So here’s a little list of things I do...

  • Diffuse essential oils that have a relaxing effect. Ever since I got this diffuser from Phytosun, I’ve been experimenting with different blends for different purposes. Diffusing a little bit of lavender before going to bed, without fail, always puts me in a deep sleep.
  • Moisturise. Especially in winter, my skin gets dehydrated very easily, so I’ve made it a habit to cover myself in a richly moisturising body lotion from top to toe before getting into my pyjama’s. Sometimes I even convince my husband to give me a quick back rub with it – heaven.
  • Read. Nothing better than reading words from the pages of a real paper book to distract yourself from your real life worries and to help you escape into another world. But finding the right books is a challenge – if they’re too exciting, I end up reading until well into the night. But if they put me to sleep too quickly, I have to reread everything the day after because I don’t remember what happened!
  • Look at the pretty things around me. Our bedroom is not always as tidy and beautiful as I’d like it to be, but whenever I’ve managed to put up some new photos, a nice little flower arrangement or installed a beautiful new night lamp, for example, I like to take a few minutes to take everything in and remember how lucky I am to lead a life so filled to the brim with happiness and beauty.