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That bohemian feeling

It’s a bit ridiculous to say the 60s or 70s are making a comeback, because the past decade they haven’t really gone anywhere. Just take a look at any fashion magazine, or the interiors we’ve been discovering and shooting. It seems like everyone is craving that bohemian touch in their homes lately, but it’s a thin line between fashionably boho and hippie paradise… We’ve tried to pinpoint the do’s and the don’ts for this handy little style guide, inspired by various interiors previously featured on Roomin! 

Give it some texture!

We’re not reinventing the wheel here: of course textiles and wall decorations are key to create that nonchalant vibe. After all, the bohemian trend doesn’t only look good, it should make you feel good, too. So please, go crazy with the pillows and the throws, and fill those empty walls with pretty photographs and artworks, turning it into a beautiful compilation of your favourite memories. And yes, in case you are still hesitating: do take that weaving class, as you’ll go home with a unique wall decoration (and a wonderfully zen mind) 

Create this inspiration: 
Pillow, plaid and vase by Pomax 
Bed by Ethnicraft
Stool by Universo Positivo

The world is a village

It’s never been easier to add an ethnic touch to your interior. However, this was not yet the case in the 1960s or 1970s. Whereas people did start travelling during those years, travelling by plane was still extremely expensive. So, while the masses flocked to the coasts of France and Spain, the happier few flew to further destinations and came home with ethnic fabrics, religious garments and Indo-Asian furniture. A bohemian clothing and interior style was a sign of intellect, wealth and an open mind; which in our opinion hasn’t really changed a lot? Whether you bought them here or brought them home yourself: a Turkish hamam cloth, a Moroccan Boucherouite pillow, a Nigerian mask or other ethnic inspired decorations are all signs of your adventurous nature, right? They’re the ultimate conversation starter and a beautiful memory of an unforgettable trip (to the store or a faraway country – that’s up to you!) 

Create this inspiration: 
Sofa by Journuit
Pillow by Pomax 
Coffee table by Ethnicraft 
Pendant light by SLV 

A neutral base

We say ‘yes’ to macramé, velvet, indoor plants and other 70s clichés, but ‘hell no!’ to combining orange, dark green and brown. If there’s one thing we wouldn’t bring back from the free-thinking era, it’s their use of colours. Although bold patterned wallpapers and green carpeting were big back then, we’d advise transparent lined curtains, a timeless parquet and a cream-coloured sofa serve as a blank canvas to make all your bohemian dreams – with colour-clashing poufs, rugs and pillows – come true. 

Create this inspiration: 
Parquet by BerryAlloc 
Tray table by Notre Monde 
Lined curtains by Inside Blinds 
Table lamp by SLV 
Sofa by Journuit
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Photography by Laura Willems and Stephanie Duval.