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The ultimate kitchen addition

As they spend most of their time in the kitchen, it was inevitable Chloé and Sarah gave their M rack by Ethnicraft a stylish kitchen twist. They found the rack too beautiful to simply use as storage space, but managed to turn it into a valuable addition to their kitchen.  

“We love how it’s got different heights and widths to hold numerous different things. Some of the shelves are perfect for tall books (which isn’t always easy to find in a shelf) and others are great for holding little plants or boxes, that will fit right into them, without looking ‘lost’. This rack might have a place in the kitchen, we clearly interpreted it as a decorative item. It’s perfect to show your favourite coffee-table books in an unusual way, display your prettiest china or ceramics and add some hanging plants from different levels. Because it has an open back, it’s also easy to integrate a lamp to bring some light in some of the corners.”

“As we saw this rack as a purely visual addition to the kitchen, our first rule was to keep it light. It’s clearly a ‘bonus shelf’; a piece of furniture that spices up any room. We thought about every corner, and didn’t want to fill them with unnecessary stuff, and even kept a few shelves empty on purpose. By styling the books by colour, we prevented it from looking messy. We also displayed some of our favourite kitchen items, and turned a few that we don’t use that often into something else. For example, Sarah brought back the coloured wooden mortar from Sri Lanka, as she though it was beautiful, but she barely used it since. We turned it into a beautiful ethnic plant pot now!”

“Kitchens tend to be warm and humid, due to all the cooking. The plants we chose are exotic plants or succulents, which live better in a warmer context. They’re also easy to care for, and as we tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen – it’s nice to have them around instead of elsewhere. Plants are also happier when you place them in a room with lots of ‘traffic’.”

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Photography by Laura Willems.