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Things we found and love

Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier about that. When you’re tired of sipping cocktails in the sun (as if) or when the weather’s not exactly how you imagined it to be, we’ve gathered a few cool links around the web to keep you busy. Have a great weekend! 

Since Sarah had a baby, she suffered from sleep deprivation, which is why she takes any chance to call it an early night. Her renewed dedication to sleep inspired her to makeover her bedroom, which she turned into a peaceful sanctuary. Sarah proves that a few key chances can pivot the whole room!  

Is a minimalist way of life really the answer to all our daily frustrations? With more than six million Instagram posts tagged #minimalism, and four million more tagged #minimalist, we might believe so. The New York Times published an article on how tempting this lifestyle might look, it often comes with several other challenges. Food for thought.

How to make your bedroom feel straight out of a French bed and breakfast? Try linen bedding!

City life doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of nature’s presence. Isabelle and Koen live in the heart of Brussels, but their terrace has some serious South of France- allures.

Our favourite stylist Sofie Noyen has a thing for Ethnicraft furniture… 

Didn’t we all drool over the pictures our ambassador Stephanie Duval took of her friend Kim’s wedding in Puglia, two weekends ago? The celebration was held at Masseria Moroseta, a stunning white stone farmhouse nestled in a five-hectare olive grove. Hypebeast covered this incredible B&B and seemed as psyched as us!

As pretty they might look on Instagram, shelves can be an eyesore sometimes. Erika posted a few handy tips on how to keep everything organized on Design Love Fest!

Rental houses or apartments are often a lot harder to decorate, as you can’t change a lot of things. But minor changes make all the difference. Here are 10 easy tips for transforming a rental bathroom! 

The five biggest mistakes plant owners make.

Patricia’s pictures of Sarah’s moody Antwerp abode left us in awe. That bathroom is a Pinterest-dream-come-true!

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Photography by Patricia Goijens and Salva Lopez.

Things we found and love