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Tips for creating a happy nursery

I loved decorating my daughter’s nursery so much – but it definitely wasn’t something that came naturally to me. Before she arrived, I had this clear image in mind of a gender-neutral minimalist haven, but I soon started adding bits and pieces to make it more child-friendly, warm and cosy. It would be so much fun to do it all over again, knowing what I know now. But instead I’d love to share this moodboard for a happy, functional ànd cosy nursery with you all – in case you’re finding yourself designing a room for your own little one and in need of some inspiration!

Laminate by BerryAlloc

Nurseries are always so lovely and pretty, but things can get ugly in there. I’m talking projectile pooping and vomiting, y’all! It’s super important to choose a floor that is really, really easy to clean, that is tougher than your kids at their wildest moments, and yet feels warm to the touch of their feet. I like to keep floor patterns and colours understated and classic, but by all means use it as a way to inject some personality into your little one’s room!

Plaid by Pomax

Though I did expect to need a lot of blankets to snuggle up in during late night feeds or Netflix marathon sessions (when baby wants to sleep nowhere but on your chest), I didn’t expect them to be just as necessary to create tents for all of their stuffed animals and to mimick flying carpets (after watching Aladdin on said Netflix).

Eames rocking chair, available at Master Meubel

What’s the most important item in any baby’s room? A comfortable chair for the parents. It takes about three feeding sessions to figure out what works for you, but take it from me: rocking chairs are always a good idea.

Cupboard by Ethnicraft

If you think you need a lot of storage before you have kids, you’re gonna LOVE what babies bring into the house. There is never enough storage space to keep it all tucked out of sight, so I’d love an extra cupboard in Juliet’s room. If I could add any furniture to her room right now, I’d choose a timeless heirloom piece that would be able to stick with her into adulthood.

Dimmer by Niko

Until they invent something to give new parents night vision, I’d say you need a dimmer in your nursery as badly as you’ll need your sleep. Having your baby awake enough to finish their bottle, but sleepy enough to go right back to sleep after feeding – it’s an art that needs JUST the right amount of light. Take this advice now, and thank me later: you need every bit of technology that can help you through those first rough weeks and months of night time feedings!

Baskets by Pomax

If I could only dole out one piece of advice, it’d be to stock up on baskets. You’ll need them for more dirty laundry than you’ve seen in your entire life before baby, and to keep all the hideous toys (everyone says they won’t buy them, everyone eventually does) hidden from sight. I like to assign a theme to every basket in our house, and my favourite is without a doubt the one that contains Juliet’s gorgeous collection of stuffed toys.

Wooden house by Pomax

I’m just gonna come right out and say it – most toys are horrible duds that are as loud and ugly as they are ubiquitous. They also don’t leave much to the imagination, so that’s why I prefer simple, basic toys or objects – like this little house. As a bonus, the wood adds a lot more texture and warmth than any plastic doll house could!

Children's bed by Stokke

It is so important for babies and kids to sleep well – not just for their development and wellbeing, but also for mom to have some quality time to herself! So don’t save on quality, but instead invest in a bed that is built to last and evolve with your kid. That way they’ll have a cosy little nest they can always rely on and return to, for years to come.

String lights by Pomax

I didn’t expect to decorate Juliet’s room any different from the rest of the house, but I soon discovered that a minimalist design interior is not the warm and loving environment I envisioned in order to make her feel safe and loved. But even a small detail, like cosy string lights, can start adding a touch of magic and playfulness!