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Where to eat, drink and shop in Ghent

Let’s be honest here: Ghent is just as pretty as Bruges, but doesn’t suffer from a truckload of tourists (yet.) The medieval metropolis is a melting pot of young and experienced creatives who dare to set up cool bars, organic restaurants and unconventional design shops. Time to jot down a few of our favourites!


Madam Bakster

Madam Bakster is the guilt-free bakery of Laura Verhulst, a young entrepreneur from Ghent who always loved food, but maintained a complex relationship with it ever since she lost weight during her teenage years. As she was so upset she couldn’t unite sugary pastries with a healthy lifestyle, she decided to do things a little differently by rethinking traditional recipes and coming up with healthy alternatives. At Madam Bakster, she shows the world that enjoying cake or dessert can be a guilt free experience, and that there are loads of possibilities without adding sugar, eggs or lactose in the mix. “A healthy diet shouldn’t be a punishment, but a lifestyle.” Amen to that, Laura! P.S. As she does things a little differently, Journuit found Madam Bakster the perfect ambassador to showcase one of their sofas!

Brabantdam 142, 9000 Ghent

Romain Roquette

 Stock photo websites might want to make you believe otherwise, but salads aren’t only meant for women to enjoy. Because they thought Ghent lacked a healthy lunch alternative, three friends set up their own salad bar in the heart of Ghent to serve ‘working professionals’ a healthy salad or soup. Because of its success, Romain Roquette recently opened another establishment near the Dampoort station, where you can now enjoy your Greek or Mexican inspired salads in a Journuit sofa!

Oktrooiplein 1, 9000 Ghent


Bar Wilson

You should hurry to admire Bar Wilson, located in the old city library of Ghent! Because the city of Ghent moved its library to a new building (which the BBC even listed as one of the 10 most beautiful modern libraries in the world), they challenged young initiatives to come up with ideas to ‘fill in’ the empty old library, until the city finds a new purpose for it. Bar Wilson probably has the biggest terrace in the center of Ghent, and is always buzzing with the coolest creatives of the city.

Graaf Van Vlaanderenplein 40, 9000 Ghent

Café Ventura

Café Ventura has been around for a few years, but ever since architecture duo Going East laid its hands on it, this spot has become the ultimate hotspot amongst locals and the hip and trendy people of Ghent. Go here for homemade soup and yummy tartines, or after work for a variety of aperitifs (that often end in a night to remember…) 

Vrijdagmarkt 35, 9000 Ghent


Moor & Moor

No shop or bar is exclusively a shop or bar anymore, and neither is Moor & Moor. This healthy hotspot at the corner of Ghent’s most beautiful neighborhoods ‘Onderbergen’ is a foodie’s dream come true. The shop is like a cabinet of curiosities, but with locally produced food products that each have their own story.

Onderbergen 15, 9000 Ghent


A bit further down the road, you’ll find Illinois, a multi-brand store by the immensely charming Eveline Van Gestel. The clothing store was named after the album ‘Illinois’ of Sufjan Stevens, which reveals Eveline’s love for music. “Illinois is a very personal store. I want people to feel at home when they visit, I want them to be able to be their true self”, she says. Eveline sells brands as American Vintage, Levi’s, Bellerose and Pluto On The Moon. Although she keeps an eye on the trends, you’ll mostly find clothes that are timeless and of high quality. A must-visit when you’re in Ghent!

Onderbergen 35, 9000 Ghent