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Chloé mastered in Interior Architecture and Design at La Cambre, but her love for food will always win over her love for beautiful design. She’s the creative mind and co-founder of Brussels’ Kitchen, an elaborate online guide to food with style.

When she was twelve years old, Chloé moved to China for four years. There, she learned to speak English and discovered the wonders of street food. She had the opportunity to travel extensively across Asia during those years, and that’s probably where her passion for food experiences and travel started. Almost immediately after graduating as an interior designer she co-founded Take Eat Easy, Belgium’s first food delivery service brought to you by bike! Because of a series of unfortunate events, that story didn’t have a happy ending, but the experience sure taught her a lot. Nowadays, she’s fulltime occupied by Brussels’ Kitchen, which she started with her friend Sarah Cisinski in 2012. Her days consist of visiting new restaurants and bars, photographing and reviewing them, testing out recipes, organizing ‘BK’s Table’ – a monthly culinary gathering organized in their own homes – and managing the communication.

“I’d say my favorite piece of furniture is my Vola tap. Every kitchen pinned in my 'Dream Kitchen' moodboard had one, but I was ready to settle for an IKEA one when I saw the price. You'll never believe what happened next... When I was on holidays a few days later and scrolling through eBay, I found the tap for a tenth of the price! It’s not possible to get hot water with though, but that’s a price I like to pay.”
Favourite room in the house:
The kitchen. “The kitchen in my apartment was initially very small and dark, so I teared it completely open when renovating! I’ve created a marble built-in table which works like a kitchen counter, visually separating the kitchen from the rest of the apartment, while having the same height as a normal table. It’s a detail that makes all the difference, and that’s how it quickly became the best spot of my home.”

Favourite city in the world:
Paris. “I lived here for three months, but I wish I’d never leave. Leaving Gare du Nord on a sunny day always puts me in the best mood, period. I love the hustle and bustle of the big city, the stately buildings, the trees, the beautiful metro entrances, the new exhibits and shows and constant stream of exciting popups. It’s the place where I met my boyfriend, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.”