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Graduated as an art and history teacher, Ellen has been surrounded by creative thinking for a long time now. She loves to teach her students everything there is to know about the fascinating art world.

In October 2015, while facing some big changes, Ellen finally moved to Ghent after studying there for almost four years. She loved to decorate her place from scratch, something that helped her to take a fresh start. Books are her ultimate guilty pleasure; she buys them in bulks. If Ellen is not at home, she can be found in one of the many nice coffee bars Ghent has to offer, enjoying some company from her dear friends.

"My favourite piece of furniture is something I’m still saving up for: preferably a real eye catcher, like the bright yellow Rest sofa from the Finnish brand Muuto. Scandinavian, minimalistic designs are my cup of tea. While my outfits are rather dark-toned or blue, I love my interior bright and colorful!”

Favourite room in the house:
The living room. “I live with three girlfriends in a big house in the centre of Ghent. Our living room is the most vibrant space in the house, because that’s where we spend most of our time together. The central piece is a pink poster I got from a friend when I was fifteen years old and I still love it to pieces, even after nine years of looking at it! The creaky wooden floor is another thing I absolutely love about our living room. As we can’t stop buying plants, it’s turning slowly turning into an urban jungle… Something we absolutely don’t mind.”

Favourite city in the world:
Reykjavik. “Can I make this plural? I just can’t choose between Reykjavik and Amsterdam! But then again… Rome is also one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. But if I really have to, I’d choose Reykjavik. The sea is never far away; the mountains can be seen from everywhere in the city and there’s a cool, hipster-like (the good kind) vibe."