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Hannelore is a freelance photographer and content creator from Antwerp, with a focus on interior and a background in architecture. Beautiful things always make her dream, whether it’s interior design, magazines, fashion, photography or graphic design.

She’s always been fascinated with Scandinavia and its inhabitants’ impeccable sense of style, but when she spent five months in Lisbon, she fell head over heels in love with that Portuguese city. She’s a vegetarian for ecological reasons and tries to implement that consciousness in other parts of her life as well. She believes in minimalism, not only as a sense of style but also as a way of life. When she’s not behind a desk or a camera, you can probably find her exploring city, dancing at a concert or immersed in some DIY project, as those are her favorite things to do.
"My favourite piece of furniture is my coffee table. Together with some friends I joined a wood workshop, and although I've done a lot of DIY projects over time, this is the first (and still the only) piece of furniture I've built myself. With a compartment to collect magazines and space for a plant, it holds two of my favorite things and it’s a memory of a fun day as well.”

Favourite room in the house:
The living room. “After living in a shared house and a studio, I’m currently living in a small apartment in Antwerp. I’m really enjoying the fact that I have a living room that is all mine to decorate and that it does not double as a bedroom. In my comfortable sofa, surrounded by my books and plants, I can truly relax.”

Favourite city in the world:
Lisbon. “Living there for 5 months, I fell in love with the city's laidback atmosphere, the view on the river Tejo that regularly pops up behind a street corner and the creativity of the city's inhabitants. Three years later, I am still going back at least once a year, and each time it feels like coming home.”