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Ineke is a soon to be graduate in the field of Communication Sciences. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in the creative sector. Somewhere she can combine her interests in design and storytelling.

Reading countless tales as a child led her to gain an appreciation for stories and languages. This resulted in Ineke writing her own snippets, and eventually launching her lifestyle blog, HUSH-E. The visual aspect plays a vital role and takes shape mainly through photography, although she does enjoy experimenting with graphic design and typography. To wind down, she turns to flower arrangements and yarn crafting, as she finds there’s something very relaxing about working with your hands.

“My favourite piece of furniture is the Cesta lamp, closely followed by the Muller Van Severen First Rocking Chair (in pink). The table lamp was designed by Miguel Milá, who managed, by means of a delicate design and Oriental vibe, to create a piece that leaves me breathless whenever I look at it.”

Favourite room in the house: 
My workspace. “I still live with my parents, and this is the one room that really expresses who I am as a person. It’s filled with my favourite decorative items and even houses a miniature jungle.”

Favourite city in the world: 
London, closely followed by Paris. “London for its relaxed atmosphere, the countless hotspots and the accent. Paris for its architecture, the romance and the je ne sais quoi."