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Karlijne graduated in digital photography and is a true visual storyteller. She loves the diversity of working for different clients and exploring different angles.

Karlijne was born at the end of the 80s and spent her childhood in the northern parts of Belgium. About eight years ago, she decided a city life would suit her better and moved to the heart of Antwerp, where she graduated in digital photography. Right after, she started collaborating with Lomography, and experienced a creative period in which she only took analog photos, rebelling against the digital grind. Nowadays, she has found a great balance between the two. Other interests – such as writing – grew organically over the years…

“I love to hang in my Wassily Chair from Knoll. It’s my favourite spot to read a book while being surrounded by all my plants.”
Favourite room in the house:
“My favorite space at home changes with the seasons. During fall-winter I love to cocoon in my huge bed or cooking up a hearty meal in the kitchen. In spring-summer, I love being outdoors or spending time in my living room, which looks like an urban jungle.”

Favourite city in the world:
“I rarely had an instant connection with a new city, but I felt a strong bond with Wanaka (New Zealand) and Sapa (Vietnam). These two cities have the friendliest people, a great culture and are surrounded by the most beautiful nature.”