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You know the song ‘Video killed the radiostar’? It's quite the opposite for Kim, who was once totally into making television, but is currently exploring her writing skills after ten years of working behind the scenes of the biggest Belgian newsroom.

She accidentally got into copywriting and would love to make a fulltime job out of it. Or let’s make it a 50/50; because she’s also dreaming out loud to become a flowerstylist (preferably with her own home-grown flowers!) Kim loves to be at home, a place that's surrounded by nature and where it's easy to unwind when life gets a little tough. She enjoys the little things in life, and can't be unhappy when there are flowers near.

“My favourite piece in the house is an antique Delftware - also known as Delfts blue - vase I got from a familymember when she had to go to an elderly home. I love to mix and match the classic style with some bold flowers or neon lighting.”

Favourite room in the house:
Undecided. "Do I really need to choose? I love my bathroom, and especially my bathtub where I can relax to the max. We deliberately installed it next to a big window where our Gingkgo Biloba stands, and old Japanese tree which apperantly brings luck! But I also adore my living room. It’s so light and bright, and we have an amazing view over a valley of fields."

Favourite city in the world:
Undecided. "I guess I’m the most undecisive member of #teamroomin. Although I lost my heart to New York, I also love the Mediterranean vibes in Lisbon."