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Graduated as an art historian, with a minor in history, Laura loves all things of beauty (not just the superficial kind) and wants to create beautiful things herself.

Because she can't help herself, she wants to keep learning things. For that reason, she took a few lessons in interior styling. Since her boyfriend started a business in wood framing, Laura also began to take an interest in ecological building and sustainability. In her free time, she either picks up a paintbrush or – when she has a lot of free time – travels, preferably by bicycle.

Furthermore, she describes herself as an emotional human being, who loves life and tends to get just a little bit overexcited when it comes to bringing 'order to the chaos'. (Seriously, she's got a list of éverything). Her dream is to renovate a house – surrounded by nature, start a B&B and sell home decoration.

“My favourite pieces of furniture are a set of Thonet chairs. They were a present from my parents in law. Although they need a little refurbishing, I love them the way they are as well.” 
Favourite room in the house:
“That would be the kitchen, for one reason because there's always a lot of light bursting in. I like the fact that I can see the garden when I'm baking or cooking. Also, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with friends and family, while enjoying some food or drinks.” 

Favourite city in the world:
“Although I can't deny wandering the streets of Madrid, Prague or Edinburgh is wonderful, my favourite city still is Ghent, the city where I live. I grew up in Leuven, but felt the urge to go study in Ghent. Since then, I'm still living there and loving the arty vibes of the city.”