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Laura likes to describe herself as an ‘all-rounder’: a girl with many interests. She graduated as a teacher but works as a full time freelance storyteller now.

She lives at three different places – Brussels, Ghent and De Panne – which has some pros and cons: not having her clothes and stuff at one place being the biggest con, but decorating three different places definitely being the biggest pro! Cozy, warm and a little bit messy are Laura’s keywords to feel at home and bohemian interiors make her heart skip a beat. Browsing flea markets, getting lost in beautiful cities, waking up without an alarm clock and drinking red wine with friends are some of her favorite things in life. But although she has the luxury of having three homes, her biggest dream is to buy a VW-van and drive to unknown places for an indefinite time.

"My favourite piece of furniture is a rug. My mom has a real Kilim rug in her living room, but one day I’ll own one myself! The patterns, the colors and that extra ‘something something’ it gives to your interior – lovely.” 

Favourite room in the house:
The bedroom. “I love to sleep, it’s as simple as that. The fact that I have some pretty good mattresses in all of my bedrooms (do I sound spoiled now?) definitely reinforces my love for sleep.”

Favourite city in the world:
London. “London keeps on stealing my heart. At age 16, I travelled to London all by myself and after going back for eight times or so, I still love the vibe (and the British accent!) Favourite country in the world would be Portugal and Mexico, though.”