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You'd think 14 years of photographing interiors would mean Liesbet has been there, done that. And yet she still gets excited discovering new homes.

After studying photography in Brussels, Liesbet realised she loved and was good at translating interiors to beautiful images. As such, she discovered what would become her profession, and it quickly turned into a passion, too. "Getting to peek into people's homes is a privilege many would like to have, and I managed to turn it into a job!" Liesbet loves photographing smaller homes the most: "Thanks to creativity, innovation and experimenting, those homes are usually full of interesting surprises."

"My favourite pieces of furniture are a set of Maarten Van Severen chairs. They are the first 'design' objects I ever saved up for and bought. I still love them so much: they go with everything, don't pull too much attention to themselves, and above all they are super comfortable!"

Favourite room in the house:
Can I say 'the garden?' "Last year we redid part of it, including a little pond and English flower garden, and from the very first days of Spring, it feels like we're living in France (or England, maybe). We'd love to renovate our kitchen and living room, so probably those will become our favourite rooms inside, soon."

Favourite city in the world:
After only one visit: Istanbul. "It was such a surprising destination, and such an interesting mix of East and West."
Ultimate favourite: London. "We try to go there at least once every two years. It's such a nice feeling to be able to ignore the tourist highlights and discover new places and things every time: new neighbourhoods, cosy little markets, the feeling of discovering a village in the middle of the city... I can't wait for our next trip, come to think of it!"