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Stephanie Duval was a storyteller before she could even read or write - just ask her parents.

She turned her hobby into a career when she became a journalist, subsequently took blogging way too seriously (even wrote a book about it) and later on evolved towards brand journalism and marketing. When she met Nele their click was undeniable, and they co-founded RPPRT to provide lifestyle companies with creative strategy advice. Roomin is one of their first projects and very dear to Stephanie because it involves everything she cares about: from real people's stories to aesthetic inspiration.

"My favourite piece of furniture is my daughter's design rocking horse. It proves that having children doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing your style."

Favourite room in the house:
The living room. "I love open plan living rooms, where the dining and living area are not really separate from the kitchen. Our family loves to cook, eat and relax together, anywhere from the kitchen bar to the dining table to our living room couch."

Favourite city in the world:
New York. "I have so many wonderful memories there. i've been there more than a dozen times, but I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever we consider going back. My favourite time to go is around Thanksgiving, right before the holiday season madness begins!"